While MacGuill & Company is known for providing defence in criminal cases, the firm also represents victims of crime, to help them secure justice where the investigation may have let them down or where they have suffered significant losses as a result of crime.

We expect that the Victims’ Directive will prove to be a powerful weapon in the armoury of victims to ensure that they get fair play from State bodies in relation to crimes they have suffered, and we expect to rely on the directive in litigation before all courts.

We are familiar with the processes of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal and have acted for persons aggrieved at the shortcomings of that scheme. We will continue to campaign for the introduction of a more satisfactory, fairer, and victim-friendly scheme.

  • Residential Institutions Redress Board
  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal
  • Bailey v The Minister for Justice Representation of the family of the deceased Toscan du Plantier


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