Freedom of movement means that many criminal cases have truly international dimensions. MacGuill & Company has successfully fought many cases like this.

The firm works with experienced expert colleagues in many jurisdictions who complement our defence of cases in the Irish courts, and we in turn assist in the defence of prosecution of persons abroad.

The European Union’s increasing number of directives in the area of criminal law has given us the opportunity to provide support and assistance across the broader European Union in defending criminal cases.

This is an area of particular expertise where the skills required are over and above those required in the domestic courts. We maintain up-to-the-moment knowledge of developments in both law and practice across the European Union in criminal matters.

James MacGuill has been chair of the Criminal Law Committee of the Council of Bars and Law Societies in Europe since 2013 and has participated in many expert group meetings with the European Commission and the European Parliament on the development of directives in the field of criminal law.

  • McFarlane v Ireland


  • R v O’Farrell, McDonald and Rafferty

Entrapment and special counsel disclosure

  • Slovakia v O’Farrell, McDonald and Rafferty

Entrapment and special counsel disclosure

  • O’Farrell, McDonald and Rafferty v the UK

Entrapment and special counsel disclosure

  • Panama v Byrne

Inter American Court Of Human Rights

  • France v O’Connor


  • Lithuania v Michael Campbell



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