Following the Government’s announcement on 6th December 2021, a new scheme will open for an estimated 17,000 undocumented migrants to regularise their status in Ireland.

The scheme will be open for applications for a period of 6 months, starting from January 2022.

The Scheme will allow undocumented migrants to seek labour without any restrictions.

The scheme is applicable for those who have been undocumented in Ireland for at least 4 years at the start of the scheme, or for at least 3 years for families with children under 18.

The scheme is also open to Asylum Seekers who have spent at least 2 years waiting on a decision.


The Scheme is open from January 2022 for a period of 6 months.

The Process?

The scheme is an online application process and applicants are required to upload documents to prove their identity and residence history and are required to pay an application fee. Those whose applications are approved will get a Stamp 4 residence permission.

Who can Apply?

You are eligible to apply for the scheme if:

  • You are undocumented in Ireland, or you are an international protection applicant
  • You meet the residence rules
  • You have the documentation and identification needed
  • You have not been convicted of serious criminal offences
  • You are not a threat to national security
  • You pay the application fee (if required)

Undocumented Meaning:

A person is classified as “undocumented” if they are from outside the EU or EEA and do not have permission to be in Ireland. They may have had permission previously and it expired, or they never had legal residence in Ireland.

If you are an undocumented migrant, you can apply for this scheme if you are undocumented despite why or how you became undocumented.

You are also eligible if you have been issued with a Deportation Order, or you are in the “Section 3” process. The Section 3 process is when you receive a notification that the Minister for Justice intends to make a Deportation Order, and gives you the chance to set out reasons why you should be granted residence. If you are a former student visa holder, you are also eligible for this scheme.

International Protection Applicants:

International Protection applicants are not undocumented migrants but can apply for residence through the scheme. You are eligible if it is at least 2 years since you made your international protection application.

You can find more information on the Department of Justice Website at

If you wish further information you can contact our office.